The Solution To Quitting Alcohol That They Don't Want You To Know About

(There's A Reason Everything You've Tried has Failed Until Now)
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Be honest, when you were brave enough to seek out help, what was the first thing you thought of?


But after attending a meeting, you were left disappointed. You thought it could work for everyone, but it won’t work for you.

It’s filled with old information that you’ve either already heard or tried a million times. Then, maybe you tried to cut down and thought you could do it alone.
The problem is, without any support, it’s easy to give into temptation and listen to that nagging voice in your head.

If you feel like you’ve tried every support resource and failed, there is a CONCRETE reason for that.


Old solutions are just that, old. They were created when we had FAR less information about alcohol dependency and how it affects us as people.

The lack of knowledge resulted in creating something generic and hoping for the best.

It's like plugging the hole in a sinking ship with candy floss… Sure it looks like it could work if you use enough of it, but it never does.

When the Chips Are Down,
This Is Something you Can
Count On.

If you’ve ever seen professional poker players on TV, then you’ll understand that there is a KEY strategy that’s used to win:

“Play the person, not the game.”

No matter how bad the hand you're dealt is…you can still win the game.

You've tried to play the odds, and now it's time to learn how to play yourself.

You don't need another system that won't work, you need a way to tackle the root cause of your drinking.

That’s the exact thing that sets The FREEDOM Programme apart from ALL other resources you may have tried in the past.

This isn't just a "Quit alcohol" programme. Those don't work.

Neither does saying or doing things to appease others. You need to give yourself REAL intent to change.

You're getting older, and quitting is getting harder. You need results.

The FREEDOM Programme is a PROVEN online course that has been completely designed to change your relationship with alcohol.

How to Quit Alcohol Without
Quitting Alcohol

Unlike many of the current alcohol support resources that don't work, the Freedom Programme isn't designed to have you quit alcohol forever.

Because quitters never win. The only real way to win is to put yourself in a different race.

THIS is how you do that.

The FREEDOM Programme is a personal coaching programme of self-exploration that gives you the power of a full emotional reset.
The reason you drink is probably the same reason I drank, because deeper emotions are affecting you.

The reason you have failed in the past is because you are looking in the wrong place. By focusing on the problem, you get more of the problem...

The more I beat myself up, the more I needed to escape. A never ending cycle of suffering that had me hating myself.

When you focus on the solution, it feels very different indeed.

If you feel this way, you know that something needs to change…

The FREEDOM program can help you combat this:

The 7 - Step Recipe For Your Freedom


It has been proven that 98% of people don’t know how to set goals properly. In this section you will learn why the 2% outperform the 98% in just about every area. Armed with this, your motivation becomes unshakeable and you can break the cycle you are trapped in.


Let’s get down to the TRUTH about why people get addicted to alcohol. By cutting through to the real ‘hidden truth’ that the alcohol industry doesn’t want you to know, you will learn that this is not your fault, and that alcohol creates a seductive trap for millions around the world.


Alcohol is portrayed in a certain way in the media for a reason, and your subconscious mind believes it all. By exploring and challenging the myths that we all fell for, you start to look at those adverts in a very different way!


Any journey of personal growth is categorised by changing your mindset. The biggest obstacles to success are your worries and your fears and you will learn a powerful tool for LIFE that shows you how to deconstruct these and propel yourself forwards at a speed you previously couldn’t imagine.


What if you were crystal clear on how your life would improve with alcohol in its proper place? What if you built a bigger desire for that outcome than any desire you had for alcohol? Wouldn’t achieving your goals be a virtual certainty?


On this journey there are red lights and green lights. Obstacles will come your way and they need to be overcome to achieve your goals. These may be the very things that have kept you stuck in the past. You will learn proven psychological techniques utilised by elite sportsmen and women, as well as the most successful business leaders across the globe to smash through those barriers & feel amazing while doing so.


Getting going feels amazing. Keeping going requires a set of skills and the right support. Planning ahead, as well as access to specialist support will keep you moving forward when the wind is against you.

From Alcohol Addict To Tour de France Cyclist

Hi, I'm Andy Smith.

I had an award-winning and record-breaking career in healthcare that was fuelled by a "work hard, play hard" attitude (AKA, lots of alcohol.) 

Over time it became unsustainable, and my physical and mental health suffered. I felt like I tried everything (my GP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, AA,) and nothing seemed to work for more than a day. 

One day after 1 bloodshot eye inducing binge too many, I looked in the mirror and decided that a change was needed.

I started to look at myself differently and wondered if the tools that made me so successful at influencing others could work on me, so I went on a journey to use myself as a test subject, and it worked.

I’d relied on the wrong people for too long, and I knew the solution ALL along. This had a HUGE impact on me. After seeing the change it had in my life, I HAD to know if it could work on others. And it did!
I overcame something that I was convinced was impossible… What else could I do?

With the process I turned into the FREEDOM Programme I turned myself from an overweight “walking heart attack” to the fittest I’ve ever been, overcoming the world's toughest challenges (Including the Tour de France.)

Unlike AA leaders or GPs, I understand exactly what you're going through because I was there. I know that this system works because I've completed it myself. It changed my life.

And now it can change yours!

I've helped over 5,000 people already:

What do people say?

  • “I am doing great. I still have not touched a drop of alcohol since starting this programme and I feel amazing. I am now the designated driver and I actually enjoy it. I still go to the pub or out for a meal but I choose to drink other things.”
    Harriet, Canada
  • “I haven't had a drink since finishing the freedom program and I feel fantastic thanks to you and your wonderful program. I've been reading all your emails and go over my notes regularly and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have felt like a drink and amazingly it has passed very quickly.”
    Jane, UK
  • “Thank you so much Andy and I am really grateful that I stumbled across your website as it had truly changed my life for the better.”
    Andrew, UK

The Game Changer:

6 Months of Personal Support

A big problem with alcohol wellness resorts that charge £26,000.00+ is that they may help you in the short term…

Like through offering different scenery, removing reminders of your life, and providing everything for you.

But in the long term, most things go back to normal.

You need additional support to get you through the toughest time - when you’re left to fend for yourself.

That’s why, If you join today, you’ll get personal, 1-1 support from someone who has helped thousands of people, just like you.

FINALLY See The Results You DESERVE...

Unless you’ve been to that point where you are simply sick of it...

You can’t understand why I'm so passionate about this journey.

Looking back, it's easy for me to admit this NOW, but I was helpless.

My day didn't feel right if I didn't have a drink. It was like something was missing, and I couldn't relax.

I wouldn't be able to enjoy a family movie. Instead, I'd be a restless, irritable, shaky mess.

Drinking had become more of a necessity than a pleasure.

I know now that these were the withdrawal symptoms of my alcohol dependence, but at the time, I had no idea, and I felt powerless.

Everything I tried failed, including:
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Asking my GP for help
  • Asking the local council for help
  • Hypnotherapy with a world - renowned therapist
  • Counselling - for a year and a half
It was clear that nobody could help me, and nobody WANTED to. It seems like they saw me as just another guy that drank too much.

So I decided that enough was enough.

From a place deep down inside, I demanded change from myself.

When I did that, EVERYTHING changed. I started working WITH myself instead of AGAINST myself.

Was it easy? No.

Was it straightforward? Yes.

When I learned how to put the same process that was keeping me stuck, to actually work positively, it was truly remarkable what happened.

It starts with a small decision - the big changes happen over time, and they are AMAZING.

Make The Decision To Change Your Life Today

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