Here is more information about the warranty:

I offer a warranty on the programme as getting going can feel really hard, and your subconscious will make up a huge number of highly plausible excuses as to why the status quo should be maintained - no matter how uncomfortable, it actually is.

Taking action tends to be rewarding in itself.As we know, overcoming addiction is a battle against yourself. The side of you that wants more is armed with a desire for a better life, and the side of you that wants to remain stuck has two key weapons - procrastination and fear

We deal a lot with fear as we go through the programme. 

Procrastination and indecision is something which tends to be faced alone, but having an investment to hold you accountable really helps you push through this.

It's OK to not feel 100% done when you get to the end of the 7 modules - the 100 day follow up is designed to support you through the inevitable challenges that come up on this journey. Of course there will be tough moments - if there weren't you would have achieved your goals already!

What the warranty is:

What the warranty isn't:

Claim process:

If you have completed the 7 modules as described above, and not activated the 100 day email programme or applied to join the Facebook groups, then send your full learning reflections* to with as much background as you can. This will be checked and processed by my bookkeeper. Refunds can take several days to be processed by the payment processor.

*pictures of your written notes are acceptable if you haven't filled in the online learning forms


Any refunds not covered by this policy are at the sole discretion of the Sober in Seven team and will be subject to an admin fee of 20% of the course fee.

Author of Sober In Seven and wellness and sobriety coach in the UK, here to use my own experience of overcoming alcohol addiction to support you on your journey to a better healthier life.

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