How To Use A Simple 7 - Step Process To Change Your Relationship With Alcohol And Move On With Your Life For Good.

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This process has EVERYBODY talking. Andy has shared his story on many radio and TV stations.

About The Host

Award-winning coach Andy Smith went from waking up hating himself every morning to regaining his joy of life - even becoming a Tour de France cyclist.

This Is Different.

Think you have tried everything? Think there is something wrong with you? This will open your eyes and give you the missing ingredients.

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How to Change Your Feelings about Alcohol.

Many people simply want to feel differently about alcohol. What may have been a pleasure in the past may now feel like a necessity. Using groundbreaking techniques from his award-winning coaching and influencing career, Andy shows that by reprogramming your feelings, you don't have to rely on willpower or endless self-discipline. "It's like magic" as many people have described it.

How Andy Did It, and Why a Coaching Approach Helps You Find Your Own Answers.

You will learn that cracking the code to unhealthy drinking is like opening a combination lock. You already have some of the numbers, but without them all, the lock won't open. Everyone is different, but by having the full solution, this approach helps you uncover your own answers. Check out the testimonials below!

How to Get Over Past Failures.

Maybe you have tried and failed to control your drinking in the past. Andy himself had tried counseling, hypnotherapy, seeing his doctor, and AA meetings. When none of them worked, he set about finding a better way. Over 90% of people trying this new approach have tried other things and report that this is the only thing that has brought them the results they wanted.

How To Get Control, and Move On With Your Life...

There are many myths about drinking. You will learn that the concepts of 'living a day at a time' or that you have to 'battle' this every day are hopelessly out of date and don't apply to the vast majority of people. Getting control of your drinking is a very positive thing to do, so you should view this as an enjoyable journey of self-discovery, rather than a never-ending personal battle.

How to Find Your Why.

The reality is that we all have our own reasons for taking a good hard look at our drinking habits. Some of us might be struggling with a severe addiction that’s damaging our relationships. Others might simply be looking for ways to improve their overall health and wellness. But we’re all hoping to become a better version of ourselves. A free Quit Drinking Webinar is a fantastic first step, but your own personal “why” will serve as your compass on this journey. It’ll be what drives you, motivates you, and empowers you. Andy understands this better than anyone, and can help you find clarity as you embrace sober living.

"I have great optimism for my future" - Harriet, Canada

I like the new me" - Diane, Australia

"Your program has changed my life" - Jane, UK

"The programme enabled me to overcome this challenge" Helen, UK

"I am grateful I stumbled across your website" - Andrew, UK

Thanks for understanding the subject of booze and the human mind" - Alison, UK

"An actual year without a drop of alcohol" - Mary, UK

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This is a FREE Web class, and does not constitute medical advice. Andy will share how he got control of his own drinking issues and share experiences from those who have followed in his footsteps. Everyone is different, so results will vary. Overcoming addiction is a quest for your personal answers, so this may be a helpful part of your research in the options which are available to you. See you on the web class.

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