Freedom Programme: Online Course to Quit Drinking

The Freedom programme is an enjoyable online course to reprogramme your thoughts and feelings about alcohol.
Do what works, as opposed to things destined to fail.
Online course to quit drinking
Empowering tools for long-term success
Support to break the shackles of addiction

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A Programme that's worked for thousands...

  • I've had a job now for 3 months, earning more than I thought I would again, my relationships are healthy...I've not touched a drop of alcohol for over 5 months.

    Micheal, Uk
  • "My attitude towards alcohol has completely changed and no longer think about it. I know now I have control of my life again, in 5 days I have lost 3 lbs, feeling better, flushing my body out."

    Nikki, Uk
  • “I still have not touched a drop of alcohol since starting this programme and I feel amazing. I still go to the pub or out for a meal but I choose to drink other things."

    Jane, Uk
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Looking at giving up alcohol?

Looking yourself in the mirror and admitting you have a drinking problem isn’t easy. And quitting? That’s hard, too. That’s why so many people in your shoes turn to online courses to quit drinking. The Sober in Seven, 30-minute web class will walk you through tired-and-true methods to take control of your drinking and move on with your life. Andy did it and you can too.

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Did you know alcohol actually prevents you feeling happiness?

Everyone has their own reasons for turning to alcohol. Maybe they’re stressed, looking for a way to unwind. Or perhaps they believe alcohol will help them find the happiness they’ve been searching for. And while alcohol can often provide a nice hit of dopamine, the long-term consequences generally result in deeper levels of depression. One of the modules in our programme to quit drinking explains what is going on in your brain when you drink. Think pleasure and happiness are the same thing? Think again!
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Regain control and still have fun.

Want to know a secret? You can still enjoy your life and have fun without alcohol. You don’t need beer or whiskey or wine to have a good time. You just need to shift your way of thinking. The FREEDOM programme is an easy-to-follow course designed to help you completely transform your relationship with alcohol and move from dependence to Independence.

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Here’s what you will get :

• The Entire FREEDOM programme

• Lifetime Access - there are powerful tools for life

• Booze Money Reinvestment Tool

• Reprogramme Your Feelings

• 100 Day 'take a break' email support

• The Booze Blacklist - learn from others' mistakes

• Force Field Analyser - Plan For Everything

• How To Conquer EVERY Fear

• Secret Facebook Group*

• Fast Action Bonuses

*optional - if you want support from like-minded individuals
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The lessons you’ll learn here are like an emotional reset that will completely change the way you look at alcohol. People say the experience is like 'magic' or that it’s like they’re under some sort of spell. It's not magic. No tricks here. Just powerful methods and techniques that will help you take back control and start living life on your own terms.

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Author of Sober In Seven and wellness and sobriety coach in the UK, here to use my own experience of overcoming alcohol addiction to support you on your journey to a better healthier life.

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