Andy's Charity Work:
2023 - The Year I Cycle Up Everest.

Getting sober is just the start of an amazing journey.

Building (or indeed rebuilding) a life that makes you happy is where the magic lies.
For me, doing good for others is a big part of my moving on from alcohol addiction.
Charity work makes me happy, fulfilled and makes me feel like I make a difference.
After decades of feeling worthless and broken, that is quite an antidote!

Over the last few years I have raised thousands for good causes - mainly on my bike.
I have cycled the entire course of the Tour de France.
I went back and did all the hard bits again in 40C+ heat!
I have cycled across the Arctic Circle in -27C temps.
In 2023 I am aiming to top ALL of that. I am cycling up Mount Everest.

Yes, you did read that right. 
There is a road on the Tibetan side of the mountain that goes all the way to base camp.
One section has 98 switchbacks all the way up to 5300m!

Please help me support two amazing causes that mean so much to me. Read below about the amazing work they do and please make a donation to whichever one resonates with you the most. No donation is too small or too big.
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William Wates Memorial Trust

Andy rides the Tour de France - again!
The William Wates Memorial Trust helps disadvantaged children, often on the edge of the correctional system, to transcend their circumstances and build fulfilling and productive lives.

I have personally seen first hand the amazing work that they do and could not be prouder to raise money for the valuable projects they support across the UK.

While riding the Tour in 2018 and raising a significant sum for them, I leant heavily on the importance of their work to keep me going when slogging up a mountain in the cold and the rain.
Amazing people, amazing charity and an amazing cause.

Donate Now


Growing up in the Shetland Islands brings a huge respect for the sea.
Each day, rescue crews from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution save lives.

This amazing organisation is run by volunteers, relying on voluntary / charitable contributions.

I have had first hand experience of the amazing work they do - often risking their own lives to save others.

It still seems crazy to me that this emergency service is not public funded, so help me ensure they are there when someone needs their help.
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Riding Up Everest - The Schedule

Day 1 - Chengdu - Sep 24th

Arrive Chengdu Sichuan China late afternoon. Tonight we stay in the Airport Hotel 5 mins from the arrivals lounge. Group dinner and briefing for the trip before kit check and an early night!
🚴‍♂️ 0 Km, ⛰️ 0 m

Day 2 - Into Tibet

Up early for flight and our first foray into Tibet. As part of our acclimatisation we take it super easy today.
🚴‍♂️ 40 KM, ⛰️ 0 m

Day 3 - Along the Yarlong

We leave early morning and ride along the spectacular Yarlong River. 
We get our first taste of climbing while already at over 4000m.
Hardly a vehicle or village in sight, so it's just you, the road and the river.

🚴‍♂️ 105 KM, ⛰️ 1000m

Day 4 - Cliffs & Sand Dunes

The vegetation gradually changes today from lush pine forests to dry rocky cliff faces, and even some sand dunes. Today's road twists and turns and it's undulation urges you to get out of the saddle and accelerate. The snowy peaks in the distance remind you you're riding in one of the highest places on earth.

🚴‍♂️ 130 KM, ⛰️ 1600m

Day 5 - Lhasa

Today is a chill day (acclimatisation) and ride to one of the oldest Monasteries in Tibet.

We arrive in Lhasa late afternoon at our hotel to explore the old town of Lhasa on foot. The sights and sounds are guaranteed to inspire, and I will be saying a silent prayer for good legs and favourable winds as I spin the prayer wheels!
🚴‍♂️ 50 KM, ⛰️ 300m

Day 6 - Lhasa

A day off the bike visiting the cultural icons of Lhasa. The visit to the Potala Palace (spiritual home of the Dalai Lama) will be the cultural highlight of the trip. Afterwards we are scheduled to wander down to a hip coffee shop popular with young Tibetans.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to immerse myself into a bit more of Tibetan culture before pressing on.
🚴‍♂️ 0 KM, ⛰️ 0m

Day 7 - Azure Lake

Rise early and leave for Tibet's famous azure coloured lake. We ride along the shore of the lake before conquering a 5000m pass. 🥶😱 The road travels by the a glacier before dipping down into a majestic valley. It's one of the most scenic days of riding on the trip. Our destination hotel is oozing with so much old world charm, 'you won't want to leave'. Allegedly.

🚴‍♂️ 110 KM, ⛰️ 1355m

Day 8 - Old Quarters and Fast Flats

Rise early and visit the authentic old quarters. Then it's 98km along the mostly flat and fast road. The last climb over the bridge into town is a hotly contested KOM. We are riding at 4000m today–the air is thin which means fast speeds on the flat.

In the afternoon rest & relax in the hotel or visit the local monastery.
🚴‍♂️ 98 KM, ⛰️ 117m

Day 9 - Towards Everest

Today is one of the hardest days of the trip — we ride to the highest pass on the trip at 5181m. 😵‍💫 After a brief stop at the top to catch our breath its downhill all the way to our Hotel. We ride beside a picturesque river most of the way to our destination and if the sky is clear we will get our first glimpse of Everest!
🚴‍♂️ 76 KM, ⛰️ 1200m

Day 10 - Everest!

Early morning we will start riding the huge pass that takes us into Everest Base Camp in the dark. The road is new and affords magnificent views of Everest at the top. Just as you summit we will see the early light appearing on Everest - this has to be one of the worlds ultimate #WYMTM moments. After fun filled descent and gradual climb you’ll reach Everest Base Camp. I can expect to be exhausted and exhilarated by the time I reach Base Camp. High fives all around, I hope!
🚴‍♂️ 98 KM, ⛰️ 1638m
Author of Sober In Seven and wellness and sobriety coach in the UK, here to use my own experience of overcoming alcohol addiction to support you on your journey to a better healthier life.

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