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One of the modules in the Freedom course explains what is going on in your brain when you drink. Think pleasure and happiness are the same thing? Think again!
People who are curious about changing their relationship with alcohol
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The 7 lessons

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People who want / need to make a lasting change to their drinking
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The 7 lessons
100 day follow up - the Happiness Factor
Money back guarantee (T&C's apply)
3 months personal mentorship from Sober in Seven coach
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Personal, exclusive copy of Andy's Audiobook
Business owners, executives wanting a holistic 6 month solution to regain their productivity and life balance
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The 7 lessons
200 day follow up - the Happiness Factor + Passion, productivity, purpose
Money back guarantee (T&C's apply)
6 months personal mentorship & coaching from Andy
Personal, exclusive copy of Andy's Audiobook
Personally signed copy of Andy's book
Pay it forward - free donation copy of 'Lite' programme to transform someone else's life
Bi weekly Zoom / audio calls -12 weeks
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Public figures demanding a personal confidential process for managing alcohol addiction
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Personal, 1-1 support from Andy & other specialists as desired
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A Programme that's worked for thousands...

  • I've had a job now for 3 months, earning more than I thought I would again, my relationships are healthy...I've not touched a drop of alcohol for over 5 months.
    Micheal, Uk
  • "My attitude towards alcohol has completely changed and no longer think about it. I know now I have control of my life again, in 5 days I have lost 3 lbs, feeling better, flushing my body out."
    Nikki, Uk
  • “I still have not touched a drop of alcohol since starting this programme and I feel amazing. I still go to the pub or out for a meal but I choose to drink other things."
    Jane, Uk
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Author of Sober In Seven and wellness and sobriety coach in the UK, here to use my own experience of overcoming alcohol addiction to support you on your journey to a better healthier life.

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