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Will A Sober Life Be A Much Better Adventure? Decide For Yourself.

Andy Smith cycling across arctic circle for charity

If you are new to sobriety and finding it difficult to imagine never drinking again – you’re not alone. Although everyone goes through the stages of getting sober from alcohol in a different way, the sober life benefits are undeniably worthwhile.

If there is one thing that ditching the booze has taught me above all others, it is that life is simply happier without it.

So what are the benefits of getting sober?

Think about this - what would your life be like with 20% more time, 50% more energy, 20% more money, and 100% more self esteem?

What would you be doing? How would that feel?

While it may seem like the grass isn’t greener on the other side, living a sober life comes with many advantages. Here are just a few benefits of getting sober:

  • You feel better about yourself 
  • You get closer to family and friends 
  • You find your purpose 
  • Your memories improve 
  • You embark on new adventures

The steps to getting sober may be challenging, intimidating, and scary, but the life-changing benefits of becoming sober will only lead to a more meaningful life.

The Benefits Of Getting Sober Vastly Outweigh ANY Downsides You Are Worried About

Since getting sober, I have re-engaged with my passion for helping others. (When I was drinking, I never seemed to have energy or passion for anything)

By providing tips on getting sober, I help people get their lives back from alcohol addiction which is the best spectator sport in the world AND I do a lot of challenges for charity. (See my charity page for some examples)

I have now ridden the Tour de France TWICE and also 'Fat Biked' across the Arctic Circle in temperatures as low as -27C!

NONE of this would have been possible (or indeed affordable) if I were still drinking.

Helping Disadvantaged Children

Young child sitting next to Pikachu stuffed animals
Little Edee and her 'friends'

As well as raising funds for the charity organising the Tour, we raised £10,000 for a heavily disabled local girl called Edee, to get an assistance dog to help with her rare and severe form of autism.

Indulge me while I tell you about this briefly...

In March 2022, I had coffee with her Mum and she was telling me what a lovely girl Edee was (I have met her many times since then and can confirm this is true) but how she struggled in so many ways, and the impact this had on the wider family.

I begged her Mum to let me help raise funds to get this dog, even though she was of the view that nobody would possibly want to contribute, and she agreed.

If you have read my story, you will know I am now a 'spin' (indoor cycling) instructor and I started telling my classes about it and booked the arctic trip, as well as committing to the mountains of the Tour de France once more.

I was humbled to see people reaching into their pockets to donate to such an amazing cause. We did a 'spinathon' outside a local supermarket, and even the Freemasons made a very generous contribution, as one of their main fundraisers was one of the quiet ones at the back of my classes!

In September 2022, SIX months later, we hit the target. TEN grand in SIX months.

Edee's Mum was incredibly grateful and asked me why I would put myself out in this way.

My answer was pretty simple - "It helps me feel better about being ME". Being sober has given me the ability to put other people's needs before my own and improve their lives. Without my sobriety, this would not have been possible.

The Travel Company Was Inspired too - Check This out!

Snowy farmland
Sun up and -27C!

When the travel company behind the Arctic Trip heard about what I was doing and why, they asked to write an article about me. The name of the Company is Much Better Adventures and I have a sneaky suspicion it won't be the last time I go on one of their trips. Click on it below and check out the pictures of the Northern Lights!


Pretty cool, eh? What will your 'Much Better Adventure' look like?

What would you spend the money on to make yourself genuinely happy, instead of flushing it down the toilet and feeling miserable, out of control and full of guilt and shame?

When you live a sober life, you will NEVER feel like you are missing out. So to your question – “is a sober life better” – the answer is yes!

Make This Change Mean Something

I often say to people that lasting change comes from making this mean something. The 100 day follow up to the core modules in The Freedom Programme is as much about happiness as it is practical guidance on controlling your drinking.

After all, if your life got BETTER and not worse, why would you go back?

It's an interesting question and I encourage you to answer it for yourself.

What are the benefits of getting sober for you?

It All Starts With A Decision

It's really easy to overthink this and get overwhelmed. After all, even though you may hate yourself for what you are doing, at least it is familiar, right?

A future with alcohol in its proper place can seem very unfamiliar indeed, and that can feel scary. The irony is that my email inbox is full each day with people telling me their sober life benefits, and how much better their lives are. They didn't even dare hope it would be this rewarding!

Woman standing with arms wide open in front of a lake

You Have 3 Options:

1. Do Nothing

Keep doing what you are doing - spending the money, feeling terrible, beating yourself up with guilt and shame each morning as you swore it was going to be different this time.

2. Learn More

Check out the free webclass to see how I went from an overweight, heart-attack-in-waiting, drinking up to a litre of spirits a day to getting control of my life back. It's the single best thing I ever did, and I want to show you how to live a sober life - for free.

3. Get going

There is probably a reason why you are reading this, and it probably isn't a good one. Pretty much everyone I speak to who is considering this has had something bad happen. And it probably isn't the first time.

You can, however, make it the LAST time. Just take that step and get going - taking action feels AMAZING. Head to https://soberinseven.com/join and sign up for the Freedom Programme and start reaping the benefits of getting sober now.

It's motivational, enjoyable, and confidential, and you can work through it at your own pace. There is even an option to potentially work 1-1 with me and tap into my experience of working with tens of thousands of people - I am sure you agree that will virtually guarantee you get the outcome you are looking for!

Join the FREE web class

Stop drinking out of boredom, get control of your drinking, and move on with your life!

Andy explains how a straightforward, 7-stage process enabled him to change a lifelong addiction to alcohol.

Check out the webinar today!

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